3 Ways to Make Money with SiteSwan

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons people start their own web design business is the money. Web design is an extremely lucrative industry with high profit margins, recurring income and uncapped earning potential. Whether it’s part-time or full-time, building and selling websites can be a great business opportunity and provide a steady stream of revenue that you can count on for years to come. With SiteSwan, anyone can start their own web design agency and grow a profitable business with multiple streams of income. Here are the 3 primary ways you can make money as a SiteSwan Website Reseller.
1) Charge Your Clients a Website Setup Fee
Charging your clients an upfront setup fee to create their website provides an immediate source of income. Typically you will collect this money when the client first agrees to have you build their website, or immediately after launching their site. Charging an upfront setup fee helps cover any cost and the time associated with taking on that client, including building the website, adding content, and connecting the domain name. The upfront setup fee can also be used to pay out commissions to a sale rep if you hire one. Most resellers charge anywhere from $300 – $1,500 and our suggested price is $499 for a basic 5-page website. Of course you have complete control over how much or how little you charge your clients and you keep 100% of the sale.
2) Charge Your Clients a Monthly Service Fee
Charging your clients a monthly service fee to manage their website provides a steady source of recurring income. Recurring income is money that you can depend on month after month, and is the key to growing a profitable web design business. Collecting a monthly service fee from your clients will allow you to generate “passive” income. This means you will continue to get paid every month, even if you don’t take on new clients. This is what makes web design such a lucrative business opportunity. 
Monthly service fees will vary based on each individual market and the level of service you will provide for your customers. For example: most resellers will offer to make updates and website changes on behalf of their clients, adding more value to the monthly service. Generally, resellers charge anywhere from $29 – $99/month, and our suggested price is $50/month.
Here’s a quick breakdown illustrating how much money you can make using our suggested pricing of $499 setup fee plus $50/month.
  • If you sell 25 sites – Earn $12,475 in setup fees and $1,250/month in residual income
  • If you sell 50 sites – Earn $24,950 in setup fees and $2,500/month in residual income
  • If you sell 100 sites – Earn $49,900 in setup fees and $5,000/month in residual income
  • If you sell 500 sites – Earn $249,500 in setup fees and $25,000/month in residual income
  • If you sell 1,000 sites – Earn $499,000 in setup fees and $50,000/month in residual income
3) Sell Additional Marketing Services
You can expand your income by offering additional products and marketing services to your clients. Like they’s much easier to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new customers. Websites are often considered the “gateway” to other marketing services and can help you get your foot in the door and earn the trust of small businesses. Once you’ve sold a website to a local business, why not sell them other products and services they need like business cards, social media marketing, financial services, business consulting, SEO services, PPC management and reputation management? Offering complimentary services will allow you to become a "one-stop-shop" marketing agency and increase your earning potential.
*We recently introduced our new Reputation Management feature into the SiteSwan platform. This allows you to sell reputation management and review monitoring to your clients and can easily be setup from within your SiteSwan Dashboard. Click here to learn more about Reputation Management.

While helping small businesses in and around your community with a website may be a passion of yours, it's also a great way to earn a living, and create a business all for yourself. And with the nature of web design being a combination of one-time fees and recurring monthly fees plus add-ons, you have multiple streams of income that can be a reliable, stable source of revenue from a variety of sources. 

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