5 healthy reasons to work from home

5 Healthy Reasons to Work from Home

Starting a home based web design business is not only be a great business opportunity, it might even be beneficial for your health. Here are 5 reasons to start your own web design business and work from home. 
1. Avoid germs
Working from home can help you avoid harmful germs that you might otherwise come in contact with on a daily basis commuting to and from work. Mass transportation, crowded office buildings, closed door meetings, public bathrooms and elevators all expose you to other peoples’ germs and increase your risk of getting sick. With a home-based web design business, you can work from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.
2. Get more sleep
Poor sleep habits can weaken your immune system and negatively impact your concentration and productivity. Some people will spend as much as 2 - 4 hours every day commuting to and from work, waking up extra early and coming home late. Working from home can eliminate your travel time and give you more hours to get a good night's sleep.
3. Eat healthier
It’s often difficult to choose healthy meal options when you’re at work. Nearby restaurants might be limited and packing your own healthy lunch can be time-consuming and difficult. Even the pressure of co-workers might persuade you to make unhealthy meal choices. Working from home provides you with the advantage of being able to stock healthy foods in your fridge or next to your computer at all times. Eliminate the temptation to grab a bag of chips from the snack machine and grab some veggies or healthy snacks when you're feeling hungry working from home. 
4. Reduce stress
Working from home eliminates the stress and hassle of commuting to and from work. Dealing with traffic or delays in mass transportation can be extremely aggravating and increase your blood pressure which can lead to more serious health complications like heart attack or stroke. When you work from home, you enjoy the convenience of a stress-free commute from your bedroom to workstation.
5. More personal time
One of the big benefits of starting your own home-based web design business, is the ability to create a work schedule that fits around your lifestyle. Working from home provides the freedom and flexibility to work when you want, as much as you want. It allows you to carve out more personal time to do things you enjoy like exercising, reading or spending more time with your family. 


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