5 myths about becoming a web designer

5 Myths About Becoming a Web Designer

There are a lot of myths about becoming a web designer that prevent people from getting started. It’s a shame, too, because many of these myths are completely unfounded and tend to be based on fear or wrongful assumptions. The fact is, anyone has the potential to run a successful web design business as long as they have the right tools and support system in place.

Web design can be an exciting and rewarding career. It offers the freedom and flexibility to work from home, set your own hours, and generate passive income. But for some entrepreneurs, especially those who might be less tech savvy, the thought of starting your own web design business can be intimidating.
Here are 5 myths about becoming a web designer and why they shouldn’t scare you away:
Myth #1: You Have to Know How to Design Really Well
One of the biggest myths about becoming a web designer is that you need to be extremely artistic or have prior graphic design experience. While being knowledgeable about the basic principles of design can certainly help, it is not a prerequisite or a necessary component to running a successful web design business. Design is a skill that anyone can learn and improve over time with practice and the right guidance.
SiteSwan's Themes take the guesswork out of designing beautiful looking websites, and our talented designers are always creating more templates so that you can create a website for almost any type of business in your area. Our simple-to-use editor makes it easy to customize designs in minutes. Simply plug in the business name, customize a couple photos or colors, and you have a beautiful website ready to launch.

Myth #2: You Need a Special Degree or Schooling

Another common concern among aspiring web designers is a lack of credentials. Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to have any prior experience, training, or HTML coding knowledge in order to be a successful web designer. SiteSwan makes the process easy, with no complicated software to learn or complicated language to comprehend. 
The SiteSwan platform was designed for anyone with basic computer knowledge – there’s absolutely no prior design or technical experience required. And our extensive support system means that you’re never alone should you face any difficult client questions or technical hurdles. We’re always here to help you build websites and serve your clients the best way possible.

Myth #3: You Need an Extensive Portfolio to Win Clients

As helpful as it can be to provide samples of your previous work and capabilities to potential clients, the most effective way to truly win over a client is to show them exactly what THEIR site can look like. One of the unique things about the SiteSwan platform is that it enables you to create personalized, ready-to-show, ready-to-sell websites with just a few clicks so that you can spend less time worrying about building a portfolio and more time generating leads and sales.
Imagine showing a business a live preview of exactly what their site will look like instead of just talking about it. Previewing their site before they buy is one of the most effective sales approaches you can take. If you’re just getting started, SiteSwan is the perfect tool to help you quickly build demo sites, gain client trust and grow sales.

Myth #4: Every Business Already Has a Website

Most people assume that every business already has a website, however this is simply not true. Nearly 50% of existing businesses are without a website, and with over 500,000 new business being started every month across the country, there’s no shortage of new clients to find at any given time. Don’t forget that many businesses that already have websites are in need of a refresh or redesign – this presents an excellent opportunity to sell a new site to almost any business. 
SiteSwan’s proprietary Local Prospecting Tool takes the guesswork out of figuring out which businesses need a website. With just a few clicks you can see which businesses in your area do or do not have a website. Our Local Prospecting Tool delivers a long list of nearby businesses complete with their contact information and whether or not they currently have a website.

Myth #5: You Need High-Paying Clients to Make Money

If your goal in setting out to become a successful web designer is to make a lot of money, you might think that it’s necessary to work with high-paying clients. While the idea of selling $5K, $10K or even $20k sites is tempting and sounds like a fast path to riches, the truth is that the larger the project is, the more time it will take, and the more headaches will likely come of it. It's better to focus on smaller projects and the low-hanging fruit, which will allow you to scale quickly and build a steady stream of recurring revenue. 
There are also risks of relying on fewer large clients for your income. If you only have a single client and they fall off or go dark, for example, your business will no longer bring in any money. By focusing on a larger quantity of sites at affordable, competitive prices, you’ll be embracing a more diversified, and therefore reliable form of recurring revenue.

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Like anything else worth doing, becoming a web designer takes time, effort and good faith in your abilities. So long as you don’t let these and other myths get in your way, you can expect a rewarding career that can last a lifetime if you keep at it.

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