5 Time Management Tips for Web Designers

1. Make a list and write it down
Managing your time wisely starts with making a list every morning of what needs to be done for the day. Studies show that you are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. This list not only serves as a blueprint for what exactly needs to be done, but it will also help hold you accountable to completing every item on your list and staying focused. You’ll be surprised how rewarding it feels to physically cross each item off your list as you complete them. Making your list the night before can help you get an early jump on the day and can even help you sleep better knowing what the next day has in store for you.
2. Wake up early and use your time wisely
All we have are 24 hours each day. And for most of us, we lose about 8-12 hours sleeping and eating. That’s why it’s important to make the most of your day. The most successful and productive people in this world start their day bright and early. The golden hours early in the morning provide you valuable time to get a leg up on the competition and start crossing important items off your daily list. Set your alarm early and aim to get half your list completed by lunchtime. 
3. Sell during the day, design at night
We know that designing websites on SiteSwan is fun and easy, but without sales, you won’t have anything to design! For that reason, it’s important to make time specifically for selling, at the most opportune times. Concentrate your sales efforts during the day when business owners are most accessible. Block off a few hours each day when you will focus entirely on cold calling and lead generation. Studies show that the best time to make business calls is between 10 AM-12 PM and 4-5 PM. This is when you are most likely to make contact with a potential lead. You can always design around these hours or later in the evening. 
4. Block out distractions
Email, text messages, live chat, social media and television can quickly become huge distractions and prevent you from getting your work done. It’s crazy how one unexpected phone call from a friend can suck an hour out of your day. Hearing the television in the other room can also lure you in to watch the last 15 minutes of your favorite show. Updating your status on social media can turn into 2 hours of mindless scrolling on friends' pages. When it’s time to work, put your phone on silent, check email less frequently, turn off the TV and get off social media. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be.
5. Just get it done
Stop fussing over the minutia or unimportant details of every project and just focus on getting it done. Trying to be perfect will do more harm than good, and can kill your productivity for the day. You’re not always going to get everything done exactly the way you want and trying to do so is being ineffective. Instead, hold yourself accountable to completing every task on your list first, then you can always go back and make improvements later.