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7 Businesses That Need a Website this Fall and the Themes You Can Use to Build Them

Published on September 15, 2021

Depending on where you live, COVID-19 cases might be rising or dropping. Even in the midst of this pandemic, many businesses can still benefit from your website design services. In fact, many businesses are entering their busy season in the coming months and are in desperate need of a new website this Fall.

Remember that web design is an exception to the rule when it comes to mandated shut downs and state and federal restrictions. As the kids go back to school and parents (and business owners) have a renewed focus on their work and/or shopping locally, it's a huge spending season that every small business needs to be ready to benefit from.

As the Fall 2021 Season approaches, here are the top 7 businesses that need a website now and the SiteSwan Themes you can use to build them:

1. Medical Providers & Urgent Care Centers

The pandemic has obviously kept healthcare professionals very busy. In fact, during the year 2020, urgent care clinics saw a 58% increase in patient visit volumes (due to demand for COVID-19-related care) in which testing and vaccinations accounted for more than 60% of total visits (source). According to Dr. David Stern, CEO of an urgent care software called Experity and vice president of the Coalition for Urgent Care Access, urgent care centers saw 48% more new patients in 2020 than in previous years - this can be an opportunity for turning many of these first-time patients into regulars (source).

You can help urgent care facilities and other medical providers to be ready for these new and returning patients with a new website. We have several medical provider related website themes such as this Urgent Care theme.

2. Restaurants

The year 2020 drastically changed the way restaurants think about their online presence. COVID has forced many of them to invest in their website and online ordering system. This is a trend that will continue to rise especially as we see COVID cases continue to spike while more restaurant restrictions are pending this Fall (source). This pandemic has also led to more restaurants offering takeout and delivery options using third party apps like Seamless, Grubhub and Uber Eats which can be integrated with any SiteSwan website.

SiteSwan offers many different restaurant website Themes to choose from. We cover a wide range of cuisines including BBQGreek, and Pizza.

3. Outdoor Activities & Fall Festivities

It’s hard to believe that fall is right around the corner. This is the time when family farms are offering apple picking, pumpkin picking, and more for families to enjoy times spent well together in the safety of an outdoor environment even in the midst of our current pandemic. Some farms such as those in New York’s Hudson Valley will be taking certain safety precautions such as apple picking by appointment only, cider doughnuts available via online order only, and drive-thru haunted houses. A new website can help these businesses safely communicate with their customers about these important updates.

Our Family Farm website theme is perfect for businesses whether they operate year-round or seasonally so they can maximize exposure during the busy seasons. Look for farms, pumpkin patches, and apple picking orchards in your area, and pitch them a new website today.

4. Cleaning Companies

As people look to stop or limit the spread of viruses and other germs, people are investing in hiring professional cleaners for their home and business. In fact, COVID has actually led to an increased demand for cleaning services including green cleaning options (source). Many entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this demand and starting their own private, locally-owned cleaning companies. What do all of these new businesses have in common? They all need a website.

We offer several different cleaning-related themes to choose from, including our Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning website themes.

5. Home Improvement Services

Demand for home improvement has skyrocketed as people spend more time at their homes and spend more money on home improvement projects and less on dining out or traveling (source). Everyone from electricians to plumbers to general contractors are all experiencing record growth. This invites new entries to the space and opens up many website building opportunities.

We have themes for many different types of home improvement industries including Solar Companies, Electricians and General Contractors.

6. Animal & Pet Care

As the pandemic has kept more people at home, it has increased demand for adopting dogs and other pets (source). In fact, there has been so much demand that many animal shelters and humane rescue groups have been having trouble keeping up. With more and more pet owners, this leads to an increase in demand for pet-related services from dog grooming to veterinary care.

This is a great time to sell websites to the pet industry. We have several different pet care related themes such as this Animal Clinic and Pet Grooming theme.

7. Chimney Services

As mentioned in #4, there has been an increased demand for home improvement as people spend more time at their homes. Chimney services are no exception and this the prime time for Chimney Cleaning companies to service their customers before the winter season approaches.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, chimneys should at least be inspected once a year (source). If someone fails to keep up with maintenance on their chimney, then they could risk a chimney fire or carbon monoxide. A new website can help Chimney companies explain the importance of servicing your chimney, highlight their services and prices, and generate customer leads.

Our Chimney Services theme is modern, stylish and engaging and is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to build a website for a chimney cleaning/repair business.

Although the COVID-19 virus has led to many health-related consequences and economic consequences, you don’t have to let it discourage you. Every challenge can be an opportunity in disguise (in this case, an opportunity to innovate and to pivot) no matter what kind of business you have.

One of the beauties of a web design business is that no matter what kind of economy we’re in, the Internet will always be a part of our lives. There will always be people going online to search for a seasonal product or service to solve a particular problem or make life easier as in the case of the 7 above businesses.

With SiteSwan, you can start or grow your web design business all from the comfort and safety of home, using our professionally designed, industry specific Themes that make building websites for small businesses incredibly easy and straightforward. Run your business on your terms and capitalize on this time to make a success of it!


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