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A True White Label Website Builder

Nov 21,2016 - SiteSwan has always been a “White Label Website Builder” solution for building websites for small businesses…so none of your clients ever have to know you’re using SiteSwan. But what about the people you hire to work for you like freelance designers or sales people? How can you prevent them from knowing that you are using SiteSwan to run your web design business?

Running a web design business is really simple and easy with SiteSwan. A single person can manage hundreds of clients without having to hire anyone. However, if you do hire someone, full-time or part-time or freelance-based, you may not want anyone knowing that you’re using SiteSwan!

We get it – so we’ve unveiled a really cool new feature called “Stealth Mode” that lets you completely hide all SiteSwan branding from your dashboard.

Now, when you Add or Edit an Account User, you’ll see an option called “Stealth Mode” which lets you hide the link to SiteSwan Support, hide all Videos & Resources (many of which mention the SiteSwan brand), and prevent any automatic messages being generated from SiteSwan to go to that user.

Read the how-to details here

Your secret is safe with us. Now, your employees, freelancers, independent contractors, and any other workers, will not know that you’re using SiteSwan – heck, they’ll probably think you built this whole system yourself! Impressive!

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