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All SiteSwan Sites are now Secured with SSL

Jan 23,2017 - Keeping information secure online is likely a top priority for you. Most small business owners feel the same way. That’s why we recently rolled out automatic SSL support for all SiteSwan sites with custom domains!

What is SSL?

SSL is short for Secure Socket Layers, and it’s a technology that establishes a secure, encrypted connection for all visitors when viewing a website or submitting information through a website. You probably recognize sites that are secured via SSL by noticing a lock icon on the top of the website. You’ll probably also notice the “https” at the beginning of the domain name, vs. just the standard

Why do you and your clients need SSL?

There are some major benefits that come with a SiteSwan SSL connection:

1. Security – Whatever information visitors to your sites might be submitting or viewing, it’s now being done securely. No data interceptions.

2. It’s more professional – Visitors have a favorable view to the “Secure” icon / message next to the domain name in their browser.

3. Increase buyer confidence – Give site visitors peace of mind knowing that any data transmitted during their site visit is not being compromised. It’s the confidence they need to make a buying decision.

4. Get better search results – Search engines like Google have admitted to having plans to rank sites with https / SSL connections higher than sites without a secure connection.

The best part about this announcement is that SSL has been rolled out at no additional cost to our resellers. That means that you can confidently offer SSL as part of your value proposition to your customers without having to charge them anything additional. SSL Certificates usually cost well over $100 per year, plus the cost of installing them…but on SiteSwan, it’s all included in your software licensing account – right now!


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