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Easily Add E-Commerce to any SiteSwan Website with our Shoprocket Integration

May 20, 2017 - At SiteSwan, we’re all about making things quick and easy for you. The folks at Shoprocket happen to agree with that sentiment as well.

Everyone wants to sell something online, right? We all love the idea of people logging onto our site to purchase something while at home in our pajamas.

But building an e-commerce store is extremely difficult, tricky, time consuming, and expensive. That is, until now.
Enter Shoprocket. Based out of London, Shoprocket is tearing it up here in the States by offering a super simple solution to selling stuff online at an extremely affordable pricepoint. Just create an account, load up your products, setup some general business rules, and the next thing you know, the cash register is ringing.
We loved their simplicity so much, we created a SiteSwan integration just for them. ♥

Here’s How the Integration Works

Create a Shoprocket account. Find your Shoprocket Company ID. Copy it.

Go into your SiteSwan site, choose the “Sell” post type. Paste the Company ID. Click Post. Done!

Get all the details in our support article on E-Commerce Integration with Shoprocket

You can put your Shoprocket-powered e-commerce store on any page of any SiteSwan site. You can even have different pages of your site devoted to different categories. For example, you could have a “Hats” page of your site, and only feature the hats you have for sale. Then you can create a new page called “T-Shirts” and only feature–you guessed it–the t-shirts you have for sale. Couldn’t be easier.

SiteSwan Resellers: you now have a brand new tool in your web design toolbox. If a small business owner asks you about selling stuff online, you can confidently refer them to Shoprocket…or, if you want to get really creative, inquire with them about their white label solution so you can rebrand the Shoprocket experience as your own.

Either way, go to Shoprocket now to create a store to test out this awesome integration.


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