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Embracing Changes in Web Design

Aug 27,2015 - Web design has been around since the 1990’s. It’s seen tremendous evolution over those years. At the same time, web design agencies have evolved as well.

Many web design agencies have a niche that they stick to. From Day 1, they consistently go after the same types of clients, with the same types of budgets, offering the same types of services. Sure, maybe they switch up technology from time to time, but it’s always with the same end goal.

Lots of businesses suffer from finding their niche and then sticking with it because that’s all they know. Or at least, all they think they know. One of the worst reasons not to change: “we’ve always done it this way.” That’s a recipe for hard times.

Lots of web designers are being forced to think about other potential clientele because of the change taking place within their core client base. Lots of the mid-size businesses have invested thousands upon thousands in web design, and they’re putting their web design budgets on hold for a while. It’s very difficult for medium-sized businesses to continue to invest in their online presence. It’s also a very highly-competitive space. Seems like every day a new web design firm is popping up claiming to be the best in town.

As web designers are hearing “no” from their potential clients, they’re often finding themselves saying “no” as well – to smaller businesses with smaller budgets. Most designers think it’s impossible to be profitable selling a site for less than $1,000 up front…but SiteSwan is proving that theory incorrect. Homepages designed in less than 1 minute. Complete websites finished in less than an hour. Speed, efficiency, and simplicity.

Give a typical small business owner exactly what they need: a beautiful responsive site that’s easy to edit, and that performs well in search results. Done. Introduce websites to the 55% of small businesses that don’t think they can afford one. Help them grow, and you’ll have a relationship for life. Low up-front fees, modest monthly fees, and the confidence that there’s residual revenue coming in every month.

It’s time for web design firms to reach beyond their niche. Grow outside of their comfort zone. Evolve, like almost every successful business has at some point or another. Find those small businesses, sell them websites, and watch them grow. And watch the profits grow too.

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