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How to Add Off-Site Links to Site Navigation

Published on June 8, 2017

Your website navigation is one of the very few elements that stays constant from one page of your site to the next. It’s a visually reliable reference point for the user – something they can always come back to if they feel lost, want to see what’s next, or want to backtrack. It also serves as a sort of guide or roadmap of how to experience the website.

Usually, all or most of your site’s pages are listed on the navigation. But now, in addition to your own site pages, you can also add off-site links to other websites.


Sometimes your clients will need to direct users to an off-site URL to complete a particular task. Perhaps it’s a separate Member Login site or a link to their Etsy store, or a separate blog, or anything else they might want to link to (rather than embed in their site).

And since the navigation appears on every page of the site, the ability to accommodate off-site links allows you much more flexibility to guide site visitors through the website.

So how does it work?
Look for the new “Add Off-Site Link” right underneath the “Add New Page” button on your sites’  “Pages” tab. Enter the name of the link and the URL, and you’re all set!

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