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New Statistics Available to Measure User Engagement

Feb 1,2017 - As behavior on small business websites change, so too does the need to measure that behavior.

Did you know that about 55% of all traffic to small business websites is from mobile devices? With that said, wouldn’t you like to know how people are using your clients’ websites?

Well, we have good news: you now have some really cool new statistics at your fingertips for all of your sites. From the “Stats” tab of your SiteSwan sites, you’ll find some new metrics now available:

  • Mobile Website Visits (number of times the site has been visited from mobile devices)
  • Tap-to-Call Actions (number of times people have hit the “Call” icon on the site)
  • Location Map Views (number of times people have hit the “Map” icon to locate the business)
  • Hours of Operation Views (number of times people have hit the “Hours” icon to see if the business is currently open)
  • Contact Form Submissions (number of times people have submitted information to the small business owner through the website)

Want even more detail on that last item? You now can ALSO view some form submission details so you can see the types of inquiries visitors are submitting through your clients’ sites.

Knowing how visitors behave is important so you can continue to offer your clients suggestions on the best way to setup their site for maximum results. The button below is now visible from the “Site Details” pages in your SiteSwan dashboard.


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