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Major New Feature Announcement: SiteSwan has Teamed Up with Stripe to Offer Hassle-Free Client Billing!

We know that one of the biggest challenges in running your local web design firm is managing client billing and keeping track of past due payments. With SiteSwan’s new Client Billing feature and Stripe integration, SiteSwan resellers can easily charge their small business clients from the same dashboard they're already using to build and manage their websites. All it takes is 1 click to sync SiteSwan's website building platform to a Stripe account.

Here at SiteSwan Website Builder, we are truly excited to offer this powerful new billing tool to the hundreds of digital agencies, web design firms, media companies and community newspapers that rely on our White Label Website Reseller Program to quickly and easily create responsive websites for their SMB clients. And we're proud to be the first – no other website builder has this critical functionality. It's a game-changer, an incredible time saver. You could call it SiteSwan's version of 'Paradise by the  Dashboard Lights.'

Now you can say goodbye to the friction of invoicing, hassle of check cashing and pain of tracking down your delinquent accounts. And say hello to hassle-free client billing. The brand new feature is seamlessly integrated into the SiteSwan Dashboard and all it takes is one click to connect to your Stripe account. Don’t have a Stripe account? No problem, you can create an account for free by visiting As with all the new features, enhancements and innovations we continually bring to our Website Reseller Program, it's part of our core commitment to helping your web design business thrive.

Our new friction-less, Dashboard-native client billing tools might not meet Meatloaf's definition of "Paradise" – but this powerful new feature truly gives you all the tools you need to run your business from anywhere in the world...even the beach.

Here's how it works: SiteSwan users will now notice a new "Billing” option in their Reseller Dashboard. This new billing feature seamlessly integrates with Stripe Payment Processor with just one click so SiteSwan resellers can start charging their customers immediately. Fully customizable plans allow for both a one-time Setup & Design Fee plus a recurring Monthly Service Fee of any amount, which can be setup for each site independently. In addition, resellers can easily view client billing status, see any clients that might be past due, update their credit card information, and view payment history, all right from the same dashboard they use to manage their client sites. Here's a visual overview: (

Our white label resellers already know that SiteSwan is more than just a website builder -- it's a complete web design business-in-a-box. We continuously enhance the powerful suite of tools that literally includes everything you need to start building and selling websites to local businesses in your area...even if you never built a website before. From the Website Builder Dashboard you could already generate local leads with our amazing Prospecting Tool, access a wealth of ready-made sales and marketing materials, gain practical knowledge from the "SiteSwan Academy" of video tutorials on every facet of growing your enterprise – and of course, build beautiful, fully-responsive small business websites fast, and generate huge margins on low-cost websites that your clients will love.

And now, with SiteSwan's new hassle-free client billing baked right into the Website Builder Dashboard, the pain of managing payments elsewhere is officially a thing of the past. Resellers can now use the new time they gain for prospecting, selling and building more awesome websites while payments flow effortlessly to the bank in the background.


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