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What Every Small Business Needs for Effective Local Marketing

April 16, 2017 - Small businesses, in general, have limited budgets. And, generally speaking, most small business owners have clients who are almost all within a very short driving (or walking) distance from them. Since they’re not likely to get customers from far away, their options for marketing their business are fewer than the larger businesses you see advertising on TV.

A typical small business needs a local marketing presence and the tools to manage the message it sends to its local customers. What’s the right mix of marketing tools for them?

Recently I read a great article in the style of a back-and-forth conversation between two local marketing gurus. And in it, they discussed the “Essential Digital Marketing Bundle” and thoroughly exhausted the subject of what a typical business owner should be investing in for their digital marketing.

To no one’s surprise, the VERY FIRST thing they agreed that every small business owner needs, regardless of its size, location, reach, or current client base, is a website. They concluded that a beautiful, mobile-optimized website is central to any business’s digital experience. And that’s just what SiteSwan resellers are offering to their customers.

This goes back to something I often discuss with our resellers and the small business owners in my network: The Marketing Wheel. Think of a wheel with a hub and spokes. The spokes are the different kinds of marketing a business might do – like print advertising, email marketing, social media, etc. There are many different spokes on the wheel. But the website is not one of them. The website is the hub of the wheel – it’s what connects all of the different spokes together.

Also in the article (link above) the pros talk about the average monthly cost of a website being around $80 for the small business owner. This is a small price to pay to have a formidable hub of the marketing wheel. When SiteSwan resellers are at work – they’re not just selling websites…they’re setting up centralized digital marketing hubs that are necessary to make the small business marketing wheels turn!


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